Only 24 hours separates us from the second ever Tech Superwomen Summit (TSWS18). After a three-year hiatus and public service tour in the White House, Founder Cathryn Posey and the organizers of TSWS18, are passionately preparing to reignite and continue the conversation about what works and what matters most to all of us in the world of tech.


But what does that mean, exactly?


Do you shy away from the difficult topics concerning diversity in tech? We’re not backing down.


Are you looking for challenges with simple answers and solutions? The insights shared will make you rethink your perspectives.


Is the technology industry an instrument for good or is it every person for themself? Is there something bigger we want to reach for? A place where everyone comes together – regardless of gender, gender expression and identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion – so that no one gets left behind?


At the Tech Superwomen Summit 2018, we will unpack the complicated challenges we face with breakthrough conversations on data and culture that reside at the intersection of technology.


Here’s a sampling of what you can expect:


  • Kamilah Taylor kicks off the Summit with her keynote “Black Panther, Harry Potter and the SWAG of Tech Superwomen.” Taylor’s most recent endeavor is a project centered on reducing toxicity in online discourse, which will provide a great framework for her keynote address.


  • Also participating are Megan Smith and Dr. Yvonne Cagle, who will be hosting a fireside chat called “Uncovering the Hidden Figures of Tech.” Smith’s accolades are immense — from her roles as a vice president at Google and CEO of Planet Out, to her time spent at the Chief Technology Officer of the United States, serving under President Barack Obama. Perhaps chosen as one of the few figures whose accomplishment can rival Smith is Cagle. Former Air Force Colonel and NASA astronaut, Dr. Cagle is currently serving as the NASA liaison for exploration and space development with Singularity University.


  • Nora Denzel, Alolita Sharma and Merline Santil will be co-hosting a talk entitled “Women, Power and the Boardroom.” Denzel has held a number of executive level positions, including as Senior Vice President of Big Data, Marketing and Social Product Design at Intuit. Sharma is Principal Technologist enabling open source at Amazon Web Services and has headed several engineering teams for internationalization, localization, natural language processing (NLP) and web products at PayPal, Twitter and Wikipedia. Santil currently serves as the Head of Operations for the Product & Technology group for Intuit and has also held the role of Yahoo’s Head of Operations for Mobile & Emerging Products.


  • Closing out the event will be Kaitlyn Hova. Hova is one of those rare and talented people who is just as comfortable at the helm of a programming environment as she is holding an easel, but what she may be most well-known for is her prodigious talent as a violinist. Hova will serve as the closing musical guest and is sure to put on a stunning performance with her 3D-printed Hovalin – a violin for everyone.


This is just a handful of the many remarkable leaders in tech who will be participating in this incredible event – one that is sure to leave you inspired and excited about the future of diversity in tech.


We hope the next day and a half will help educate, engage, enthrall – and most importantly, move you.

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